4 Essential Beauty Treatments To Look For This Wedding Season

On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”- Bobbi Brown

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Love is in the air & soon many love birds are going to be a beautiful bride and handsome groom. The wedding season is filled with mixed emotions of excitement, stress, pressure of looking & feeling good all the time and so on…

While family, friends and you, collectively divide the responsibilities of the preparations; the irregular diet, sleep & lack of exercise due to the hustle-bustle play havoc on your skin & hair health.  In order to simplify things, we’ve collated 4 best essential beauty care treatments to ensure a glowing skin & beautiful hair for the brides & grooms to be on their most memorable day of life.

Acne & Scar Skin Treatment: Acne and scars are extremely stubborn in nature. Laser treatment & acne cure peels are the best solution to ward off those acne & afterwards blemishes within few seconds. The procedure is totally painless & takes only 30 min to 1 hour per session. The achieved results are great & go long term.

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Skin Pigmentation & Brightening Treatment: Peels & skin facials are the best treatment fo grooming when you’ve less time. Depending upon the extent of damage from harmful sun rays and ageing process, you can choose from different types of peels and facials. These treatments reduce fine lines, dark spots & dead skin leaving a soft, rejuvenated & clear skin.

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Laser Hair Removal: Don’t worry, the latest technology lets you bid adieu to body hair painlessly. It is an ideal &a quick solution to swipe away those unwanted hair as the laser directly works on the hair follicles.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Hair Loss: Possessing a thick, luscious & voluminous hair certainly grabs eyeballs during your wedding functions. To fix common hair issues such as bald spots, unhealthy hair strands, breakage, thinning & much more; PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an ultimate option. It is completely natural as it includes injecting the person’s own blood in the affected area to stimulate growth.The procedure takes 60-90 minutes and a minimum of 6-9 sessions are required depending upon the condition of the hair.

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