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Age Reversal Treatments

 I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L Approach to Reversing Age

Cardio-metabolic diseases are mankind’s biggest enemies. High sugar (and triglycerides) and insulin cause silent inflammation of our endothelium – the single layer cell that lines our 50,000 miles of blood vessels. The destruction of our endothelium has serious health and monetary implications. This is also the root cause of aging.


As human beings, our genes haven’t changed much in the last 2 million years. However, our food habits have changed dramatically which is not in harmony with our body. Our ancestors consumed only two types of food – meat & fish and vegetables & fruits. Grains came into existence only 7000 years ago and animal husbandry even later – 5000 years ago. The major reason for the silent inflammation is this gene-food imbalance. Our genes have still not been able to adjust to our new food habits. The result is injured endothelium.

Inflammation-controlInflammation is now recognised as the cause of most chronic disease and ageing itself (Inflam-ageing). This type of inflammation is a slow, smoldering process invisible to the naked eye. It is also below the perception of pain and yet if unnoticed for may years one day it shows as a degenerative disease. We are not prisoners of our genetic destiny. Our genetics load the gun but our lifestyle pulls the trigger. I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L. Health has ‘silent inflammation’ and vascular health as its primary focus.

Nutrition and Metabolic BalanceFood is the most important drug we put in our body. We are constantly challenged in our quest for balanced nutrition. The proper “paleo diet” helps to maintain hormonal balance in a therapeutic zone. Insulin control is achieved by balancing the ratio of protein and carbohydrates at each meal to maintain stable blood sugar and minimise silent inflammation. This insulin control is the key foundation of health and wellbeing.

Toxin-and-Cancer-ReductionThe present level of chemicals in our food and water supply and indoor / outdoor environment has lowered the threshold of resistance to disease. This condition alters our body’s metabolism causing enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiency and hormonal imbalance, all of which promote the increase in ‘silent inflammation’. Human beings are genetically and chemically unique. The same amount of toxin will provoke different reactions in each of is. Many times, profound changes are produced by living in different geographic areas known for different toxins.

Exercise, along with nutrition, form two of the pillars of wellness. You can sidestep osteoporosis, lift your spirits and protect your heart all at the same time – simply by moving your body several times each day. The correct type of exercise can reduce silent inflammation and improve your telomeres and GUT flora. Preservation of muscle mass keeps the hormonal balance in control and increases the rate of burning calories. Virtually anybody has the opportunity to maintain muscle mass during the ageing process.

GUT-Microbiome-and-MitochondriaThe GUT is the primary gateway by which the external environment interacts with the body. Over a lifetime this ‘tube’ (bigger than a football field) has between 30-60 tons of macronutrients, micronutrients, chemicals and toxins pass through it. The GUT biome consists of more than 400 species making up over 100 trillion bugs (15 pounds in weight). Research has shown that inflammation and dysbiosis can result in a ‘leaky gut’ that can have profound effects on our immunity (>70% of our immunity is in the GUT) and our health.

Restoration-of-HormonesWe age largely because our hormones decline. Fifty million men are going through andropause and fifty million women are going through menopause in the US alone. It is important that you replace your hormones to the level of a youthful 25-30 year old, thereby reducing silent inflammation. Hormone restoration is the secret to maintaining vitality as we enter our 4th and 5th decade. Hormone management has to be done under strict medical guidelines. Evidence from many peer-reviewed studies clearly shows the benefit of maintaining bio-identical hormones in the upper quartile in the upper quartile of the normal range (except for insulin and cortisol).

Advanced-SupplementationNutraceuticals are the components of foods and dietary supplements that heal. They include antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, omega oils, herbs, minerals and vitamins. Many of these nutrients and antioxidants can penetrate into cells and prevent free-radical damage, cross-linking, and modulate gene expression to reduce silent inflammation and ageing. Even if we eat an optimally nutritious diet, it is impossible to get all nutrients in our food. Stress and toxins, among others, cause a nutrient deficiency in even the best diets. This calls for sensible advanced supplementation of essential nutrients for life.

Research confirms that the amount of stress you feel is based on our perception of an event, person or place – far more than the impetus of stress itself. PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI) is a relatively new branch of medicine that shows how our minds, beliefs and emotions can profoundly affect our wellbeing and health. Negative emotions can cause inflammation of our blood vessels just as easily as a raised blood sugar. Mental health anchored in positive thinking, yoga, meditation, martial arts and simple silence can reconnect us to the roots of our humanity.