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Corporate Screening

Eating your Way to a Productive & a Proactive Future, Building Healthier Workforces

A Healthier Workforce. A Healthier Business

Downtime due to employees falling ill results in companies losing millions of dollars every year. Add to this, the lack of productivity and motivation levels of unhealthy employees. If calculated in monetary terms, the losses will run into billions. It is therefore in the interest of companies to ensure that their workforce is healthy.

Diseases affecting most employees around the world are cardio-metabolic. The fact is around 80% of these are preventable.


Five Star Blueprint For Employers To Achieve A Healthy Company

A Workforce With A Culture Of Health

Employees spend 40hrs a week at work, but only 32 minutes a year with a doctor. The workplace offers many more opportunities to influence employee health choices and they listen to those who provide their livelihood more than those who react to their illness.

A Full Continuum Of Health

Prioritise the most important drivers of high health costs. Proactive medicine must replace the reactive medicine if your company is to remain profitable in the years ahead. Whomever is generating healthcare costs (employees or family members) must be targeted.

Early Screening To Predict And Prevent Disease

The screening provided by SENS Clinic is far superior to any current screening as it is focused on what kills 80% of employees. In addition to risk stratifying every employee, practical lifestyle interventions are given for no extra charge.

Mobile Health Monitoring

Make use of mobile devices not just to promote healthy behaviour for employees but to track the health balance sheet of your entire company. Our company utilises the Lifetime Health Assessment And Monitoring Program (LAMP) to track every employee. All data is collected and analysed to give your company vital information while always protecting employee personal information.

Incentives For Healthy Lifestyle Change

Reward (lower out-of-pocket costs, richer benefit coverage for doing the right thing) and give penalties for doing the wrong thing. This is key in changing behaviour.


Return On Investment

It is becoming imperative that you track the health and financial outcomes of your entire workforce each year. SENS Clinic with the LAMP software will do this for your company.

ROI Doesn’t Get Better Than This

By adopting SENS Age Management screening you will not only enhance the lives of your employees, but also prevent unnecessary deaths. What could be more rewarding? Still business is business, and the bottom line can also be greatly enhanced by our proactive health approach.

  • Identification of all employees at high risk for Cardio-Metabolic disease
  • Early diagnosis can halt and reverse Cardio-Metabolic disease
  • A healthier and happier workforce
  • Higher productivity
  • Less absenteeism
  • Reduced medical costs
  • Better job satisfaction and retention
  • Improved employee morale and loyalty
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Practice profitable proactive medicine rather than costly reactive medicine

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