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Pain Management through PEMF
(Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy)

Frequencing Cell Longevity

The revolutionary cure to heal fractures, chronic pain

pain-management As a person ages, the bones become more brittle and more likely to break after a fall. Well, in case of such mishaps, the traditional treatment is the usage of cast that holds a broken bone in place as it heals. Casts also help to prevent or decrease muscle contractions, and are effective at providing immobilisation, especially after surgery. Depending upon the time of healing, a cast can be on for as little as 4 weeks or as long as 10 weeks. But, what if there’s a mechanism that reduced the healing by almost half. The latest scientific breakthrough that has caught the attention of orthopaedic doctors globally is Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields also known as PEMF technology.

PEMF can help treat many pathologies and its effectiveness has been proven over the past century. Essentially PEMF instruments send PEMF with a certain frequency, intensity, wave shape for a specific amount of time. Depending on the pathology treated, these parameters will be selected in a specific way, which is referred to as the treatment protocol.

The PEMF treatments “energise” the cells of the body so they can work at their full potential, thus maximising the healing of one’s body. There are no side effects to the treatments. We only use very low frequencies. The instrument used is the only one approved by Health Canada, registered with the US FDA and CE approved in Europe.

It can help many cardio-metabolic diseases. A list of known benefits of PEMF are:

  • Improved micro-circulation
  • Increased supply of oxygen, ions and nutrients to cells (up 200%)
  • Increased partial oxygen pressure
  • Increased ATP production by excitation of electrons
  • Stimulation of RNA and DNA production
  • Accelerated protein bio-synthesis by electron and energy transfer
  • Anti-oxidation regulation with increased circulation of available electrons
  • Increased calcium transport and absorption for stronger bones, joints and muscles (up 33%)
  • Enhanced cellular and tissue elasticity with increased collagen production
  • Increased cellular genesis promoting bone, cartilage, tendon and soft tissue growth (up to 33%)
  • Wound healing up by 30%
  • Enhanced macro circulation (blood pressure decrease 20-30%)
  • Accelerated detoxification of cells and organs
  • Decreased swelling, inflammation and pain (healing up 30%)
  • Boosting of immune system, body’s defences by improving the rolling and adhesion behaviour of white blood cells.

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