Botox- Think, Look, Rejoice

Have you heard of this stupendous treatment for removing wrinkles and expression lines? The word you are looking is Botox. It is a treatment which helps to improve muscle movement and removes wrinkles from face.

Botox is a toxin which is derived from the clostridium botulinum bacteria. It is injected in small amount into a muscle which makes them contract. Due to this contraction, the facial muscles become temporarily paralyze which smoothes the wrinkles or expressive lines from the face.

It is the most used cosmetic surgery treatment in the world and people also use it for treating excessive sweating and migraines.


How does Botox work?

Coming to how it works on our skin, Botox is always injected in small amount in our muscles which send signals to our nerve cells that make our muscles contract resulting them to paralyze.

These temporarily paralyzed muscles make our nerves to release a chemical messenger called acetylcholine. This substance gets attached to the receptors on our muscle cells which make them short and contract.

It is mostly used for crow’s lines, forehead lines, frown lines, wrinkles, vertical lip lines, corners of mouth and vertical neck bands.

What one should expect from Botox?

As the treatment is very common nowadays, you need to check from where you should get it done. A person should be certified to do the treatment with proper knowledge otherwise the results could be frightening which can damage your cells and skin as well.

Before you get your treatment done, research a bit about the injections, the techniques, their bands and is it up to date or not and the last thing, one should not try it by themselves. Such things should be done by professionals only.

Now the most important part is the charges. A doctor should charge you according to per unit of Botox and not per area of the face. If it does so, then it’s fake! Don’t go for it. One should also know that after the treatment has been done, there is a little bit swelling and redness on the face. Some effects vary on the skin texture, so you might first consult it with a doctor that, is your skin is Botox ready! Overall the pain, swelling or redness stays for a short time span like for 5-7 minutes and then it’s gone. The result is shown in few days. You just got to have some patience.  And it will start appearing smoothly on your face.

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