Diabesity- Things You Should Know

Did you know if you’re obese, you’re already pre-diabetic! Here are few things about silent killer, Diabesity that you should know!


Diabesity- Diabetes + Obesity, is a term which is coined to encompass obesity issues, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance collectively. It refers to the state that if you are obese then you’re already pre-diabetic and the illness may range from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes.

According to health experts and doctors, dietary and lifestyle factors are the major causes of diabesity. Now-a-days due to our fast & busy schedule, we don’t get much time to focus on our lifestyle and diet regime. Food is readily available without much effort putting-in, including junk food which isn’t good for our health at all! Apart from that, our sedentary lifestyle makes us gather for every meal we have! All these together act as a recipe for disaster.

Diabesity also includes medical complications like elevated blood sugar, blood pressure and much more.Food items that contain easily absorbed sugars & simple carbs like rice, noodles or pastas cause wide fluctuations in blood sugar leading to issues regulating insulin levels in the body. Now, over a period of time, your body’s cells can become more resistant to insulin effects and that means you’ll lean towards more bad foods to satiate the sugary cravings.

In the initial stages you may see high levels of insulin and gradually it’ll rise more with the rising insulin resistance. This condition can further cause premature aging and deteriorating health with visible early signs of dementia, weak visual & hearing power, heart diseases e.tc.

One might also notice more love handles around waist & belly region, out of control appetite, silent inflammations, rise in bad cholesterol levels, depression, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain and a much lowered immunity level.

But as they ‘prevention is better than cure’, diabesity too can be prevented by dietary & lifestyle modifications. We have listed below few of them:-

  • Visit a doctor & ask him/ her to quantify the risk
  • Try to include complex carbs in your diet
  • Yoga, some exercise or a brisk 20 minsdailywalking can help you control the pre-diabetic symptoms
  • Finally, don’t deprive yourself by limiting portion sizes instead regulate & control on your sweet & junk cravings