Heart disease is now the world’s leading causes of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year. That’s a third of all deaths on the planet and half of all non-communicable-disease-related deaths. It’s been a leading killer in the West and has now aggressively made its way to India. 2,00,000 open heart surgeries per year are performed in India only. That’s the highest, worldwide.

Heart day (block)

Though we all know the reasons that lead to heart disease, we ignore them whole-heartedly. The more risk factors you expose yourself to, the higher the chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Take care of your heart with Sens Clinic, India’s leading anti-ageing and wellness clinic located in New Delhi. Unlike the existing healthcare system, our health professionals follow the 4-P approach- Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, and Participatory.

Our leading specialists work very close with every client. They begin with the individual not the disease. Every client is thoroughly screened to understand their unique biomarkers. By this process client’s current and future health conditions is assessed.  Hence the specialists are able to offer Personalized treatment. The diagnosis also helps them predict their future health. That’s the 2nd P – Predictive. Then an effective program is designed based on their health profile to prevent those future health problems. This stage is known as Preventive. We believe that a doctor-client relationship is a 2-way street. That’s the last P – Participatory. It also involves feedback from clients as how they are responding to the treatment and our specialists make adjustments accordingly.

The major cause of heart related diseases is high level of inflammation. Inflammation doesn’t happen on its own. It is the body’s response to a host of modern irritations like smoking, lack of exercise, high-fat and high-calorie meals, and highly processed foods. Thus leading to chronic low-grade inflammation intimately involved in all stages of atherosclerosis, the process that leads to cholesterol-clogged arteries. This sets the stage for heart attacks, most strokes and peripheral artery disease.

But now inflammation can be reversed with Sens Clinic’s advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. By replacing hormones, you can help reduce the inflammation of the endothelium of your blood vessels responsible for heart disease and many other chronic age-related conditions.  Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical structure as the naturally occurring hormones which are produced in the body. They are 100% identical in chemical structure to our own hormones and the process is completely natural.

Further our experienced team of life coaches brings together the best of science and traditional functional medicine to design and draft a lifestyle – charting your way into a healthy future. Moreover our doctors are certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine. With modern medical science and natural holistic approach, our doctors can reverse cardiovascular disease as well as cancer, diabetes and obesity.

It is also your responsibility to take care of your heart. This is only possible when you live a healthy lifestyle by doing exercises and following a healthy diet. You can achieve this with our renowned dieticians and yoga mentors who will offer you tailor-made health regime based on your age and health condition. So this World Heart Day, take a pledge to love your heart and keep it young with Sens Clinic.