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If biochemistry were the stuff of comic books, antioxidants would be the superheroes. Glutathione being no less than a superhero works around the clock to fend off nefarious characters.

Glutathione is likely to get more attention in the near future, as experts begin to connect the dots between depleted stores of the antioxidant and the likelihood of chronic diseases. Produced by liver in a human body, it helps detoxify harmful wastes and deliver incredible benefits and even helps slow the ageing process.

Glutathoine, an anti-ageing, anti-oxidant.

Always into action! Glutathoine works as the most powerful antioxidant that helps break down and metabolise the carbohydrates we consume. This indeed helps our body cells to reverse ageing.

Moreover, by removing excess pigmentation in the skin and refining the skin pores, Glutathione controls acne and removes marks to make your skin glow.

Glutathoine. For your skin and body.

  1. Removes wrinkles, dark spots and crow lines by detoxifying skin and body
  2. Treats your liver which is damaged by excess alcohol damage
  3. Boosts immune system by depleting body muscles and nutrients

Sens Clinic – The place to go.

Sens Clinic, located in South Extension, New Delhi, has renowned anti-ageing doctors and some of the best aesethetics experts in the business. Focused on ensuring complete well being through anti-ageing techniques, it has the most modern equimpment and treatments.

It’s one place that doesn’t disappoint. The reason is that all treatments are done by doctors and not their assistants. Plus, here you’ll not find cheap substitutes of the latest machines. In short, the best technology used by the best in the business. The best place to go for Glutathoine – the anti-ageing miracle.