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Ageing Treatment Programs

Sens offers India’s most developed and tested comprehensive medical
wellness model to date, Adding years to life.

Enrolling in a program at a early stage in life can completely modify your metabolism and allows you to continue an active and healthy life by delaying ageing in a significant way. It is a revolution in the management and process of ageing that SENS Clinic is offering. Our proven programs combine the latest cutting-edge medicine with the world’s leading anti-aging physicians and are designed to predict and prevent disease.

We have four primary programs to choose from:

  • Weight Loss Program (WLP)
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program (BHRT)
  • WellMan/ WellWoman Program (WMP/ WWP)
  • Ultimate Anti-Ageing Program (UAP)
  • Reversing Diabetes Program (RDP)
  • Specialised Cardio-Metabolic Programs (Program 3 + Specialised Tests)

There are several other programs for you to select from depending on your specific interest. Our staff can help explain the content and pricing of different programs and their advantages.

You don’t die from obesity; you die from diseases that ‘travel’ with it! It is this cardio-metabolic disease – diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia etc. resulting from ‘Insulin Resistance’ that causes obesity and most of our deaths and ageing. The same metabolic-hormonal abnormalities that make us fat also causes ‘metabolic syndrome’ and the chronic diseases of civilisation that now afflicts us.

The cosmetic aspects of obesity can have significant effects on your self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. Everyone tells you they can help you lose weight and they are right. What they don’t tell you is that you’ll gain it right back. Not with our Weight Loss Program (WLP). At SENS Clinic, we focus on why you gained weight in the first place, which allows us to prescribe a specialised program that works because it’s made for your genetic profile, personalised to your hormones and lifestyle, and cocreated by you.

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73% of urban indians are overweight Our Weight Loss Program includes 3 phases:
Phase 1 – Meal Plan (To jump start your weight loss) – Induction Phase
Phase 2 – Diagnostics (Lab tests + physical diagnostic equipment tests)
Phase Phase 3 – Nutraceutical prescription

Obesity is primarily a hormonal problem and hormones are correctable unlike most behaviour. For example, most obese men have very high levels of oestrogen and low levels of testosterone. Many of these men have diabetes and it is very difficult to control their blood sugar and weight, without replacing testosterone. Another example are middle-aged women, who have difficulty losing weight. Often these women are told that their thyroid is normal, however we have known for more than 50 years that blood tests for thyroid, are very inaccurate.

We use a ‘Thyroflex’ diagnostic machine, which is an FDA approved device, to help balance the thyroid, so that people can lose weight. These hormonal dysfunctions, together with our modern Western diet and inactivity, are the major causes of the obesity pandemic. Weekly check-ins with our lifestyle consultants, and 24/7 wristband monitoring and feedback, will ensure your weight remains at a healthy, ideal level.

All your health indicators and biomarkers are loaded onto the ‘cloud’ as part of the LAMP, the first comprehensive Age Management software in the world. Your Inflammation Risk Report allows us to develop a personalized program to address your specific health needs. Our physicians will work with you to have you feeling great, looking amazing and living to your full potential.

Hormones are the juice of life and we largely age, because our hormones decline. We offer ageing men and women, the chance to regenerate themselves and prevent chronic disease. BHRT is the secret to maintaining vitality, as we enter our fourth and fifth decades.

By replacing hormones to the level of a youthful 25-30 year old, you can help reduce the inflammation of the endothelium of your blood vessels, responsible for heart disease and many other chronic age-related conditions. Our physicians are experts in the replacement of bioidentical hormones. Wellman/ Wellwoman Program (WMP/ WWP)

For more than 50% of us the first ‘symptom’ of heart disease is sudden death. 80% of people who develop heart disease have the same cholesterol as those who have no disease. Arteriographic studies have revealed no correlation between LDL-C (the ‘BAD’ cholesterol) and disease severity. Less than 14% of people who have a heart attack would fail a treadmill stress test in the weeks prior to their heart attack, which is why we employ ‘state of the art’ noninvasive cardio-metabolic screening and diagnostics. Researchers believe that cancer is also primarily a food-borne (metabolic) disease coupled with environmental toxins – sugar is toxic and the prime nutrient of cancer cells.

The WellMan/WellWoman program is designed to reverse cardio-metabolic disease, slash your risks of chronic disease and improve your longevity. It is based upon data from extensive studies, published in peer-reviewed, medical literature.

‘Good’ ranges of biomarkers, will reduce disease risks, but ‘optimal’ levels will slash them dramatically, especially for heart attack and cancer. Why settle for ‘good’, when optimal, is relatively easy to achieve.

This program offers the most comprehensive proactive program to uncover risks of the major lethal diseases including heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer at the earliest time in order to halt and reverse these killers.

In addition to our focus on cardio-metabolic disease this program offers many additional tests which makes it one of the most comprehensive screening programs in the world.

More than 2.1 billion people, close to 30% of the global population, are overweight or obese. More than 70% of middle aged Indians will suffer with non-insulin dependent diabetes during their lifetime. The two hall-marks of obesity are insulin and leptin resistance; your cells become seriously impaired in their ability to respond to the insulin your body makes.

Insulin resistance is at the core of nearly every chronic degenerative disease and it is this that needs to be addressed first to reverse any disease. This program begins to reverse insulin resistance in 7 days and will also identify the major diseases associated with diabetes. Specialised Cardio-Metabolic

Reversing Heart Disease

A man is as old as his arteries so wrote Thomas Sydenham in the 1600’s who is known as the English Hippocrates – how right he was. Heart disease continues to be our leading cause of death among both men and women. Women actually outnumber men in the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. Every 29 seconds an American has a heart attack – every 53 seconds an American has a stroke. One out of two Americans will die of heart disease that in most cases could have been prevented. These same statistics are present in most developed nations today. In some countries, like the Middle cardiovascular disease is occurring a good ten years earlier and is fast becoming a pediatric disease.

Sugar not cholesterol determines how long we live. High sugar and insulin are primarily responsible for the “silent inflammation” of the endothelium – the single layer of the cells that line our more than 50,000 miles of blood vessels. An early event in CAD is when the endothelium becomes dysfunctional as a result of an increase in LDL-P, decreased HDL-C and increase TG (triglycerides) the atherogenic triad is in fact all a result of an elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance.

This program will quickly begin to reverse your cardio-metabolic disease.

Reversing Autoimmune Disease

The cell is the basic unit of life and its fuel comes from the food you eat. Recent research shows that inflammation begins in the gut, primarily due to the modern Western diet, especially from sugar and gluten. The gut biome consists of more than 100 trillion “bugs” many times more than the number of cells in our body, in fact we are only 10% human. The development of a “leaky gut” underlies most autoimmune disease.

“Leaky gut syndrome” (intestinal hyper-permeability) is when toxins are reabsorbed intothe body – that is really “when the shit hits the fan”. This is a disorder associated withincreased intestinal permeability, subsequent to the loss of intestinal mucosa integrity.Degradation of this barrier is often due to toxins that damage the “tight junctions”between intestinal epithelial cells leading to the “leaky gut”. Researchers have foundthat certain proteins in grains (gluten in wheat, rye, oats, barley, millet, rice andsorghum); zein in corn, casein in dairy, and other proteins in some legumes damage thelining of our gut, which enables the entire contents of your intestine to make its wayinto your body. One of these proteins – wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) – also affects theenzymes “transglutaminase” – this enzyme modifies every protein in our body and canproduce a myriad of diseases. Other common toxins include alcohol, milk, non – steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites, aibiotics, cytotoxics drugs and yeast. Often yeast overgrowth produces chronic fatigue and sugar cravings. Gluten can also cause inflammation of the brain and skin without abdominal symptoms.

Overgrowth of any one of the more than 500 microbial species in the human gut can produce adverse effects. Excessive growth by undesirable microbes alters the metabolic and immunologic status of the host. These microbes can turn our genes on or off and will produce the various autoimmune diseases (over 140). We have had great success in helping people with not only reversing diabetes but other autoimmune diseases, like Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis, shown to be due to a “leaky gut”.

Diabetes Infertility
Autism Schizophrenia
Huntington’s Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Hyperthyroidism Gall bladder Disease
Porphyria Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Dermatitis Herpetiformis Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis Lupus
Vitiligo Acne
Celiac Disease Pancreatic Insufficiency
Spondyloarthropathies Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Narcolepsy
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Crohn’s Disease
Reversing Cognitive (Memory) Impairment

31% of people fear dementia more than death or cancer. As David Perlmutter MD notes “It’s not due to your genes but the food you eat, Modern grains are silently destroying your brain.” The Modern western diet also alters the quality, quantity and composition of the bacteria inyour gut that has enormous influence on your brain. Diabetes and Brain Disease are the mostcostly and pernicious diseases, yet are both largely preventable and tied together(Alzheimer’s is now called Type 3 Diabetes ). Gluten can inflict lasting damage without you oryour doctor knowing it. Brain disease is no different from Heart disease and develops overtime as a direct result of our modern lifestyle. Inflammation of the endothelium andmitochondrial dysfunction are the primary culprits, and most of the dysfunction begins in theGUT. The microbes in our gut will determine if we have a healthy brain or not.

In Dr. Perlmutters new book, the Brain Maker, he shows just how important our gut microbiome is that is responsible for 99% of our DNA and is highly responsive and changeable based on lifestyle choices, especially our food choices.

“ I have a case history in Brain Maker of a young man with MS who couldn’t walk without two canes and who underwent a series of fecal transplantations in Europe, and came back and walks without any assistance whatsoever. His videotape is linked to the book and is on our site. I use the video of this man walking when I do lectures to physicians. They look at this with their jaws hanging, because again, for you and me, this was never even a consideration in medical school….

Inflammation is a hallmark of autoimmune diseases such as MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Crohn’s,and inflammatory bowel disease, just to name a few. Many of the factors that affect permeability of the blood-brain barrier are similar to those that affect the gut, which is whyleaky gut can lead to neurological diseases as easily as it can manifest as some other form ofautoimmune disease.

The permeability of your gut lining can be measured by looking at a chemical called lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which is the covering over certain groups of bacteria in your gut. When you have higher levels of antibodies against LPS in the bloodstream, it’s a marker of leaky gut.

LPS is also in and of itself a powerful instigator of the inflammatory cascade. Higher levels of LPS in the blood dramatically increase inflammation throughout your body, including your brain. Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease, for example, are both correlated with dramatically elevated levels of LPS.

Our autoimmune program is focused on the gut micriobiome and these important insights so that we can now reverse autoimmune disease in many cases.

Note: All “Specialized” Cardio-Metabolic Programs include:
1. The Basic Wellman or Wellwoman program.
2. Plus the relevant “specialized” tests for each disease.
3. Plus a ‘tailored’ program to reverse the particular Cardio-metabolic disease in question.
4. Plus the monitoring of the ‘specific’ biomarkers for each disease to show that the
program is working.

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