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Soul Space

Your Body knows more about your Spiritual Well Being than your mind does.

Teach Your Mind to listen to it.

SENS’ strongly believes in the holistic well being of its members. With a wide range of services covering practically every aspect of the Inner and the Outer Body, through scientific advancements in the field of medical sciences. We find our programs incomplete without having the soul, the subconscious and the spiritual quotient of our members looked at.

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Our wide range of services, ambitiously aims at uniting the union of the individual with the whole of existence, establishing a possibility to explore the higher dimensions of life.

Spiritual Healing and Alternative Medicine continues to grow in popularity, as it tends to be provided with a holistic philosophy that emphasis’s the spiritual, rational, emotional, and the physical aspects of health and healing.

The holistic approach at ‘Sens’ and our ambition drives us, to educate and promote the comprehensive healing and wellness in terms of all three – dimensions of the ‘Sens’ Member.

Estimates are that while 34% of Americans used some form of alternative medicine in 1990, this number had increased to 42% in 1997. A May 2000 Consumer Reports Survey of 46,000 Americans – believed to be the largest study conducted in this country – found that 35% of those surveyed used alternative therapies.

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