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To uphold the authentic principles of Ayurveda, amalgamating them with Science in order to comprehensively propagate health and wellbeing.

In the 21st century, when ‘Sens’ believes in bringing together the right and the most appropriate techniques and ways of achieving holistic wellness, a time where medical research advances exponentially into finding ways for altering ageing cells, we continue to theorise and conjecture the traditional teachings of Ayurveda, adopting them amalgamating them with the new Science of tomorrow.

‘Sens’ brings together the world’s oldest healthcare system with the Modern Medicine preventing illness, curing disease and bringing total health while honouring the whole person : body, mind, sense and soul.”


Ayurveda at ‘Sens’ is led by Kairali, India’s first therapeutic Treatment centre, aiming to promote Ayurvedic lifestyle amongst the Urban crowd of today. With Kairali’s inspiring tropical healing village, to Kairali’s custom made Ayurvedic medicines from the ancient scriptures, complete with their decades long expertise, ‘Sens’ brings to you the perfect retreat to relax, to unwind and maintain a high and a healthy quality of lifestyle.

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