Testosterone Replacement Therapy: 5 Noticeable Health Benefits



Lack of energy, easy exhaustion, fatigue, and irritation are some common physical symptoms for men reaching the age of 35 and above. We usually think these are because of the growing age and are inescapable. But do you know the actual reason behind it?

Low testosterone level in males lead to all of the above mentioned symptoms. It’s a myth that low testosterone level is only associated with affecting your love life adversely but it indeed makes you weaker from inside, low on energy and susceptible to diseases.

To your surprise, low testosterone level and the residing effects can be reversed with what is known as ‘Testosterone Replacement Therapy’. “It gives patients testosterone, not to get them to super-physiological levels, but to get their levels of testosterone within the normal range”, explains Harris M. Nagler, a urologist and the chairman of the Department of Urology at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York.

Males after the age of 35 who have been diagnosed with low testosterone level and are experiencing symptoms like fatigue, weakness, muscle loss, sleep deprivation, low libido,  irritated mood swings and anger issues may consider testosterone replacement therapy to help improve body conditions and recover their youth.

Men can lose their testosterone level by 1% every year after reaching the age 30. But TRT can bring in some really positive changes and noticeable benefits, listed below:


  1. Better energy and mood: Decreasing testosterone level increases mood swings, negative thinking, fatigue and weakness, but with TRT you can recover from all of the above.


    2. Better love life: With decreasing testosterone level, your interest in your romantic & conjugal life gradually diminishes and you start feeling ambiguous towards it. TRT brings back the zing in your life with increased libido, energy and vigour.


      3. Gain of lean muscle mass:Testosterone due to its affinity for the body’s androgen receptors allow the body to gain lean muscle mass and proportionate weight, so TRT can help you reasonably in maintaining a perfect body.

     4Better recovery & an improved assertiveness: Without any doubts, low testosterone levels lead to hesitancy, zero confidence and in-immunity. TRT makes you an overall healthy person.

     5.Better balance between Testosterone (T) and Estradiol (E): TRT creates a proper and advised balance between Testosterone (T) and Estradiol (E) that is extremely crucial to avoid side effects like hair loss etc.



Testosterone therapy can dramatically enhance your life and health conditions in a positive way. Consult your trusted doctor and go for it right away!