Body Polishing

and decadent way to pamper your skin to make it glow with health. This is an elaborated form of exfoliation, a sort of facial for the body, where scrubs and loofas are used to in conjunction with a medley of natural compounds, to effectively slough of dead cells and moisturise the skin.

The Benefits Are Many

  • Body polishing helps exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells. This brings up the fresh healthy cells and makes you look young and attractive and allows the skin to readily absorb the nutrients delivered by the applications
  • Body polishing also promotes new cell growth
  • Body polishing is an affordable luxury that nourishes your body and soul leaving you with soft, supple skin
  • Good riddance dry, itchy intolerable skin! With body polish your skin feels moisturised and hydrated
  • Body polishing has a cleansing effect, removing the build-up of oil and dirt from your skin
  • Body polishing provides down-time which presents therapeutic advantages. This time can be used to reflect and think, or just to relax and give in to the pleasure of the therapy
  • Body polishing scrubs, because of the rough texture, stimulate blood flow and brings the benefits of enhanced circulation
  • Body polishing also unclogs pores in hard to reach areas which allows body products to go deep within with maximum effectiveness.


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