TCA chemical peels

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Chemical Peels are one of the celebrities’ favorite procedures. Some celebrities, however, haven’t any problem revealing to the media that they love to have chemical peels in their routine. This non-surgical procedure is additionally a favorite of cosmetic physicians since recovery time is a smaller amount than with surgical solutions.

Are There Side Effects?

Depending on the strength of the peel you get, some chemical peels will cause the face to peel, this is often the specified effect to achieve optimal results. However, if the incorrect sort of peel is used, it can damage the skin and even scar or hyper pigment the skin,” warns Guanche. “Downtime with peels depends on the type of peel being used and peels penetrate differently in the depth of the skin. The deeper the penetration, the more peeling, and therefore the more the skin will combat a pink/red hue.” The skin may become red and irritated post-peel, either an adverse reaction or as a part of the peeling process.

This unique Celebrity Peel package combines the best combination of both for skin resurfacing & photo rejuvenation. Our package utilizes both the Pixel and AFT lasers, providing red-carpet results with only a couple of days of downtime for your skin to seem its best. 2 weeks later, have your Hydrafacial.

Chemical peeling ingredients

Some of the compounds used are glycolic acid, carboxylic acid, ferulic acid, acid, and vitamin C — either alone or together. Medium depth peels – Compounds like TCA, glycolic acid, 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, retinol, phenol are used as medium depth peels for visible exfoliation.

Norms of Celebrity chemical peel

The stinging sensation when initially applied. Redness shows up. Incidentally, It may feel slightly of deadness. A profound Celebrity chemical peel can cause crusting or scabbing after the treatment because the profound dead skin cells are sleuthing off.