Detox Drip

Detox Drip

Anyone with high levels of stress is the ideal candidate for this treatment.

Living with the intensity of city life like Delhi continuously exposes your body to chemicals, toxins, and oxidative stress in many forms, such as air pollution, cosmetic toxin absorption, stress, and lack of sleep. All of that depletes your body, lowers your energy and harms your immune system and overall quality of life.
Glutathione is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant produced by your cells to combat all the free radicals that a busy, urban life produces. Over time however your body does not produce as much glutathione necessary to fight the chemicals and pollutants we are exposed to in our environment and with our fast diet.
SENS Detox Drip takes only 45 minutes to administer, and it combines top of the line detox with all the benefits of IV therapy. Not only will it help to cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals, but it will make you feel invigorated, hydrated and refreshed.
This glutathione drip treatment will help your body get rid of the harmful toxins and heavy metals in a quick, natural and safe way. IV Therapy is by far the quickest and the most efficient way of detoxification. You will feel the beneficial effects quickly – your energy levels will rise; your allergy sensitivity will decrease and your immune system will get the much-needed boost!

Immunity Booster

The mix of Vitamins Bs and C along with trace minerals and magnesium effectively make the immune system stronger so it can maintain the body’s wellness by fighting off all the sickness and disease. An ideal drip for someone with deficient immunity or living in a polluted city. Environmental pollution negatively impacts the health which could lead to low immunity. High dose of vitamin C combined with minerals, B -vitamins, and trace elements to boost the immunity.

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