Face care

Smooth, healthy, glowing – Say ‘hello!’ to your new skin!

Ageing, stress, pollution, hormonal imbalances, acne breakouts… the reasons for dull skin are many, solution? Just one! SENS it! SENS brings revolutionary cosmetic dermatology solutions. Our cosmetic dermatologists analyze your skin and customize the skin treatment for you. This bespoke skin treatment is a combination of herbal actives, natural enzymes and anti-oxidants, which are infused deeply into the skin with a mélange of advanced skin renewal techniques such as Diamond Microdermabrasion / OxygenBoost / Microplaning. This revives skin cells and promotes additional circulation and healing.
Our treatments can fight the evils of skincare such as acne, pits and pores, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, age spots and more.

Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial is a unique combination of deep skin cleansing and skin rejuvenation. The treatment is done using a hydra peeling tip which helps in....

Sens Anti-Ageing Facial

Ageing is a natural process. Like everything else in nature, our skin ages too. However, with advanced cosmetology which...


Our skin has a natural process of rejuvenating itself. It sheds the dead skin and allows new skin cells to come to the surface. However, with environmental aggressors ..

Power Glow Facial

Environmental aggressors can leave your skin dull and undernourished. However facial glow treatments like powerglow peel can help you regain the shining, supple facial skin.

Q-Switch Facial

Hyper pigmentation, dark spots, scars, unwanted tattoos, sun freckles, tanned uneven skin tone all these are stubborn skin problems. However Tribeam laser toning can..

BBL (Broad Band Light) Facial

With sun, harsh cleansers, pollution, stress and ageing, our skin becomes dull and wrinkled. However broadband light facial, also known as photofacial

Diamond Polishing

During this treatment, refined crystals are used to stimulate and exfoliate the surface of the skin at high velocity removing dead cells and exposing radiant

Enzyme Cleansing

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