Sens Anti-Ageing Facial

Anti-Ageing Facial

how do you know what works for you?

Ageing is a natural process. Like everything else in nature, our skin ages too. However, with advanced cosmetology, we now have anti-ageing treatment which can delay the process of skin ageing. Before going in for one, it’s important to understand that anti-ageing facial treatments cannot treat skin ageing, they can only prevent newer skin problems and delay ageing.
At SENS, our cosmetic dermatologists carefully analyze your skin, understand your lifestyle and nourishment needs and thus, suggest the right anti-ageing treatments.

In 20s,

your skin needs anti age facial treatment of anti-oxidants, retinols to fight early signs of ageing. In 30s, you need skin nourishers with Vitamin A & C and skin smoothers with Niacinamide, AHA (Alfa Hydroxy Acids), peptides and retinol. In 40s, where most people think of anti ageing facial treatments, you may need more advanced treatment with hyaluronic acid and topical retinols.

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