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Before hair transplant, you could either be bald for life or not bald at all. There was no reversing baldness. However, hair transplant treatment has revolutionized the lives of many and helped them regain their lost confidence. In this treatment, the hair transplant doctors take hair from the permanent zone, i.e., the back of one’s scalp and transplant it to the front and central area of baldness with a special technique. The hair then grows in a period of 8 months to a year. And the good news – this hair growth is permanent

There are two ways to obtain follicular units from the permanent donor area of the scalp –

✔ Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
In this method of hair transplant treatment, a long, thin strip of tissue is removed from the donor area and dissected into balding area’s follicular units under special microscopes.

✔ Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).
This is comparatively a newer method of hair transplant services, where the patient’s non bald areas are treated as resistant donor areas and the follicular units are extracted from these areas one at a time. Then the non-hair bearing skin attached to the follicle.

Natural Hair Extension

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. At SENS we offer everyone the option of improving what Mother Nature gave you. SENS is able to provide every woman with the beautiful hair she has always dreamed of.
Sourced ethically, the hair SENS uses in this treatment is traceable and 100% percent healthy, natural and human hair. The quality of hair is top of the line and will not tangle, matte or knot and will add luster, volume, and beauty to you. This is because the process of harvesting the hair includes bundling. This ensures that all the hair strands are of even thickness from root to tip and matched according to length and all the cuticles lie in the same direction. The standards are what qualifies it as Remy’s hair

SENS Application of Hair Extension: GL PRE-BONDED The expert technician will select the texture, length and colour of your extensions after a detailed and productive consultation. If Pre-bonded extensions are selected, the hair is presented with a keratin-based dried “glue” at one end. In order to attach them, heat is used to fuse the keratin “glue” to your hair. The extensions are placed in rows so that they always remain strategically covered by another piece of hair, even if you wear your hair in a ponytail. The results is an invisible and seamless application, lasting from 4 to 6 months with the right care and maintenance. With GL Pre-Bonded, the hairstylist can achieve any kind of result: lengthening, thickening, sides application, highlights, lowlights and also updos. THERMAL APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY GL 3200 This method utilizes heat to soften the bond so it can be moulded around the group of natural strands that the bond is attaching to. Avoiding high temperatures, the heating wand is kept at the temperature of the lowest setting on a heating iron. Without the use of glue guns or melted wax pots GL3200 ensures a neat and clean application process. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and non-damaging.

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