A far infra-red sauna uses an infrared radiant heater as opposed to a regular electric heater promotes body heating and sweating.

The resultant air temperature in a FIR sauna is 20-80 degrees lower than in a traditional or Finnish-style sauna, so the experience is more comfortable, and it is easier to breathe.

Overall FIR Saunas convey:
  • Powerful relaxation effects
  • Beauty enhancement/skin health improvement
  • Weight loss and cellulite reduction (through its detoxification effects)
  • Enhanced physical conditioning/athletic performance
Specific benefits of FIR Sauna include:
  • The heat penetrates deeper, with greater effects
  • Sweat is more profusive at a lower temperature
  • Sweat composition is and contains higher levels of toxins especially chemicals and heavy metals
  • More effective since greater benefits in shorter time
  • More tolerable heat for safer and more frequent use
  • Calories are burnt while body is sweating
  • No risk of inducing hypertension
  • Comfortable temperatures are easier on the lungs and eyes


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