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Mental Health

Human body has varied physiological systems that all need to be in sync to channel a healthy being. Unfortunately our society has been conditioned to focus on the positive aspects of an individual, while the negatives are shut aside. Poor mental health impacts the physical, emotional, mental and social well being of any individual. Mental health can be projected through sleep patterns, irritability, lack of interest in physical activity and substance use. This inturn impacts the nutritions absorption, poor body regulations, metabolic challenges and more. Hypotension, diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular ailments, can all be linked to mental stress. Poor coping skills and increased stress has weakened the immune system of the people. Amidst the increased healthcare needs, requirements for mental wellness are often ignored. At SENS we understand the importance of mental health and strive to ensure the wellbeing of our customers. We make sure our customers have access to all the help and services they need to overcome their mental health problems.

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Anxiety Disorders

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Mood Disorders

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Sleep Disorders

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