Microneedling Radiofrequency

Radio Frequency

Microneedling Radiofrequency (Acne Scars, Pits, Pores)

Bad acne can easily leave ugly scars, pits and pores. These not only look bad, they also attract further acne.
Hence, acne does not only need treatment by dermatologists specialists, rather a proper skin care management under the guidance of experienced skin specialist doctor.
At SENS we use VIVACE, which uses gold plated needles that deliver certain degrees of thermal energy that regenerates new collagen within the dermis layer of skin. This tones pore size and thus gives a smoother skin texture, minus scars, pits and pores
Package :
  • RF skin lesion – small
  • RF skin lesion – big
  • RF skin lesions multiple
  • RF freckles/ lentigens (over 25)-
Prices starting ₹ 1300* onwards

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