anti aging treatment in delhi
Ageing is a natural process. Like everything else in nature, our skin ages too. However, with advanced cosmetology, we now have anti-ageing treatment which can delay the process of skin ageing. Before going in for one, it’s important to understand that anti-ageing facial treatments cannot treat skin ageing, they can only prevent newer skin problems and delay ageing.
At SENS, our cosmetic dermatologists carefully analyze your skin, understand your lifestyle and nourishment needs and thus, suggest the right anti-ageing treatments.
We offer Latest methods to reverse the signs of aging by eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone for a naturally youthful and rejuvenated look.


In just 3 steps you can have the glow you always wanted. Our HydraFacial ritual uses patented technology to:

Power Glow Facial

Environmental aggressors take their toll on your skin, leaving it dull and undernourishedFacial glow treatments like power glow peel cause your skin to regain its shining, supple texture.

Enzyme Cleansing

The O2 lift facial is a luxurious facial treatment that infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and high concentrations of enzymatic botanicals into the skin.

Q Switch Laser Treatment

A non-invasive laser treatment, the Q Switch pulses powerful high-intensity light at varying wavelengths, depending on the required result

PRP Face

PRP therapy for hair or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for hair is an autologous procedure, i.e. platelet-rich plasma is taken from the patient’s own blood.

Diamond Skin Polishing

Excellent treatment for whiteheads and blackheads leaving skin in an overall clean, clear condition

Organic Facial

This purifying treatment is a unique combination of steaming, exfoliation and an intense deep cleansing of blocked pores

BB Glow

BB Glow is an intensive semi-permanent skin treatment. The facial includes micro-needling with pigmented vitamin serum into your skin.

Vampire Facial

Thread lifts, at one time, involved surgery and were associated with undesirable side effects such as infections and thread breakage.