Vampire Facial

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What is Vampire Facial?

Now Lookup to 10 years younger in only 3 to 4 sessions. SENS CLINIC Vampire Facial is a great innovation for anti-aging & facial rejuvenation. It’s the sole US-FDA-approved kit available worldwide. During this fast-paced modern life, Vampire Facelift offers an excellent alternative as great results are achieved in only 3 sittings. It’s highly recommended in combination with other treatments like Chemical Peels, derma-rollers, Botox & thread-lift for improved and long-lasting results.

How does Vampire facial treatment work?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedures have an important role in plasma that has been enriched with active platelets and growth factors. which accelerate cellular growth, stimulate healing and provide a youthful appearance to the skin as the best results. Platelets are very tiny cell fragments that help to stop bleeding and bruising and contain a good amount of growth factors and natural substances that encourage cellular growth. Platelets provide an individual with the building blocks for healing when sustaining a burn or cut. They transform the standard and overall appearance of the skin. Not only does the PRP cause a rise in volume, but PRP also contains a minimum of 8 growth factors which will, over a short time, continually work as a rejuvenating agent.

Results Post Procedure/ What to expect to post the procedure?

Activating these growth factors:

  • Smoothen out facial wrinkles
  • Stimulate collagen production- New collagen formation within the dermis lifts the face back to a younger shape.
  • Rejuvenates complexion- the color of the skin improves due to the new blood vessel formation,
  • Improves the skin’s blood supply (microcirculation)

What are the benefits of Vampire Facial treatment? 

Is Vampire Facial safe for face?

A-PRP is developed from the blood which is extracted from a person’s own body, therefore it is absolutely safe and free from transmissible diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Process and it’s suitable for all skin types?

This procedure is safe for any skin type. sources say that It is completely safe, as this treatment is – US-FDA Certified


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